24/07/2018 09:02 BST | Updated 24/07/2018 13:02 BST

'Love Island' Fans Distraught As Jack And Dani Fall Out Over Lie Detector Results

'I feel like I'm going to sleep on an argument and it's not even my argument.'

Every year, the lie detector test is a difficult experience for the ‘Love Island’ contestants, but no one found it tougher than viewers this year.

In Monday’s episode, each of the girls were able to hook up their male partners to a lie detector test, which Dani Dyer used as a perfect opportunity to grill boyfriend Jack Fincham.

However, what started off as a light-hearted game wound up sparking the biggest row the couple have had throughout their time on the island.

First up, the test suggested Jack had been lying when he said he didn’t just pair up with Dani because he was aware of her dad, Danny Dyer, who ihe once had a poster of on his bedroom wall.

Dani and Jack have it out over the lie detector results

Following this, Jack supposedly lied to Dani a second time when she asked whether he could imagine being tempted by other girls when ‘Love Island’ finishes at the end of this month, and he told her he couldn’t.

The test also said Jack had been telling the truth when he said he loved Dani, hadn’t been attracted to anyone else on the show and even wanted to start a family with her.

But for Dani, it was tough to shake off the thought of him and other girls outside the villa, sparking a huge row.

During the bust-up, he told her she was only focussing on the negative results of the test and being “pathetic” while Dani questioned her relationship with Jack altogether, which viewers took especially hard…

Jack and Dani have been coupled up ever since their first day on ‘Love Island’, and have been favourites to win the show throughout this year’s series.

Over the course of this year’s run, it’s been pretty smooth sailing for the pair, though they had a brief blip when they were separated during the Casa Amor twist, when a devastated Dani discovered her boyfriend was living in another villa with his ex-girlfriend.

What she didn’t know, much to viewers’ annoyance, was that Jack had taken special measures to avoid being alone with anyone but Dani, even sleeping outside so he wouldn’t have to share his bed with another girl.

‘Love Island’ continues on Tuesday night at 9pm on ITV2.

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