'Love Island': Marcel Kisses New Contestant Shannen, Despite Relationship With Gabby

Task or no task, it's still cheating, right?

As the only ‘Love Island’ pair in a fully-fledged relationship, fans have been really getting behind Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen, but their romance is about to face its biggest test so far thanks to a new task.

In scenes from Friday (30 June) night’s show Marcel kisses another contestant, and we’re really not sure how it’s going to go down with Gabby.

The two villas have to go head-to-head in a series of challenges, including kissing the new arrivals, regardless of their original partners.

<strong>Marcel and Shannen kiss on 'Love Island'</strong>
Marcel and Shannen kiss on 'Love Island'

Prior to the task starting, Gabby tells the Beach Hut she is worried about having to kiss anyone, saying: “A tricky situation for me because obviously I want our villa to win so I want to get as many points as possible but if I have to kiss people that’s cheating no?”

That thought doesn’t cross Marcel’s mind when he’s asked to lock lips with Shannen Reilly McGrath, though.

However, judging by his face afterwards, something tells us he realises he has not done the right thing.

<strong>Marcel realises what he's just done</strong>
Marcel realises what he's just done
<strong>Gabby says she would see kissing someone else as cheating</strong>
Gabby says she would see kissing someone else as cheating

There’s also some realisations for the other existing couples when it dawns on Kem Cetinay that Amber Davies will be kissing someone new, as Olivia Attwood also realises Chris Hughes will have smooched someone else.

We have a feeling things are going to get pretty awkward when the two villas are eventually reunited...

‘Love Island’ airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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