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‘Love Island’: 16 Ridiculous Things That Wouldn’t Have Happened Without The Show

Our lives will never be the same again.

The past six weeks have seen ‘Love Island’ fever sweep across the UK, bringing with it numerous unexpected and downright outrageous moments.

And while some of them - Kem and Chris, we mean your shenanigans - were contained within the villa’s walls, many of the weirdest ‘Love Island’-related events have actually taken place on British shores.

Don’t believe us? Here are 16 totally ridiculous things that wouldn’t have happened without the show…

1. The phrase ‘Fuckboy whisperer’ becoming a thing

‘Love Island’: 16 Ridiculous Things That Wouldn’t Have Happened Without The

Oh, Olivia. 

2. In fact, there’s a whole new language for us to learn

‘Love Island’: 16 Ridiculous Things That Wouldn’t Have Happened Without The

From ‘grafting’ to ’100% my type on paper’ and of course, being ‘muggy’. The show comes with a lingo that makes zero sense until you’ve seen at least three full episodes. 

3. Liam Gallagher skipping an evening out at Glastonbury 

PA Archive/PA Images

The former Oasis frontman admitted to staying in his dressing room to watch ‘Love Island’, instead of enjoying what Worthy Farm had to offer.

“I’ve gotta do something and I’ve gone to the dark side, and ‘Love Island’ it is,” he told a stunned Jo Whiley.  

4. ITV2 getting over 2 million viewers at 9pm

The show has broken a number of the channel’s records, with ratings continuing to rise as the series has continued. 

5. A potential Blazin’ Squad reunion

Rowen Lawrence via Getty Images

Marcel was in the villa for approximately 0.43 seconds before mentioning that he was part of the group and since then, he’s hinted that the gang could reunite in the near future.

“It’s not a definite but there’s possibilities in the near future that might happen,” he said in one episode. Someone get Kenzie on the phone. Now. 

6. And one Olympic career potentially in danger

Theo Campbell has made no secret of the fact he’s on Team GB, but perhaps he should have *told* Team GB that he was signing up for ‘Love Island’?

British Athletics released a statement when Theo entered the villa, which read: “With the IAAF World Championships in London just a month away, we would expect all those in contention for selection to be 100% focused on their training and preparations to compete against the world’s best athletes.” Oh dear. 

7. An actual clothing range

Primark know an opportunity when they see one.  

8. This Kem x Skepta collaboration:

9. One of the world’s biggest stars pausing her Wembley concert to call someone a tramp 

Adele labelled Gabby a “tramp” for having sex on television, but it seems the ‘Hello’ singer wasn’t paying enough attention, as Gabby and Marcel hadn’t actually sealed the deal.

10. Jason Staythumb 

‘Love Island’: 16 Ridiculous Things That Wouldn’t Have Happened Without TheWe’re still howling.

11. Two men shaving their initials into each other’s pubes

The phrase ‘There are no words’ is severely overused, but this time, there really are no words. 

12. The leader of the Labour party weighing in who should win  

If it’s good enough for Jeremy Corbyn, it’s good enough for you.  

13. Along with other MPs

We see you, Jess Phillips and Stella Creasy. And you, Chuka Umunna.

14. Producers cutting sex scenes

‘Love Island’: 16 Ridiculous Things That Wouldn’t Have Happened Without The

It’s one of life’s simple truths: Sex scenes = people tuning in.

However, this year’s contestants have enjoyed so much time between the sheets that producers have actually left the some of the raunchiest moments on the cutting room floor.

15. A feminism row on reality TV

Camilla 4eva. 

16. Bars holding screenings of the final 

Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club isn’t afraid to give the people what they want. 

‘Love Island’ airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2. 

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