03/07/2018 12:03 BST

'Love Island': All The Best Tweets About Monday's Savage Recoupling

'Thought I was watching Love Island but apparently I was watching a documentary about two huge snakes.'

Have you recovered from last night’s ‘Love Island’ yet? We have not, we admit it. 

The only thing getting us through until tonight’s episode is this selection of stellar tweets on everything that went down... 

Tabloid Art History got in early with this spot:  

This moment came during a lot of general chatter about who had cheated - Hiya, Josh! - and who hadn’t. This spanned the first half-hour of the episode before the recoupling took place. 

And what a recoupling it was. Let’s start with a tweet about the one good thing that happened...

Yes, we mean Jack and Dani’s reunion:

We admit it, we nearly cried. What of it? 

Almost everything else that occurred was brutal, leading to some pretty good takedowns.

This take on Kaz’s actions is harsh but fair: 

Where is the lie? 

Wes “I’m-happy-but-could-be-happier” Nelson didn’t escape the wrath of Twitter:

Having dumped Laura for Megan, he was left stunned when the latter arrived back in the villa with a new man. 

As Laura said earlier in the episode, Karma’s a bitch. 

And then there were the responses to Megan: 

And let’s take a moment for Laura, who saw this drama coming a mile off: 

Evidently, revenge is best served by the person who stole your man.  

References to other shows came thick and fast. First there was a nod for ‘Golden Balls’:

If you don’t know what ‘Golden Balls’ is then 1. Where have you been and 2. Watch this video

A stellar use of a ‘Gavin And Stacey’ clip: 

Wildlife shows even cropped up: 

And ‘Harry Potter’: 

Great work, everyone. 

The bumper episode was an hour and 20 minutes long with Georgia and Josh’s recouplings left until last. 

Given that we knew what an absolute scoundrel Josh is, how very dare he what had been happening in Casa Amor, the ad break just meant three minutes of agonising over how Georgia would react to his cheating. 

When the moment came, Georgia managed a display of strength that we will never forget: 

And if one tweet sums up our feelings on the matter, it’s this one:

Her perfect man better arrive soon.

With the drama over, it was for the Islanders to head to bed. But not before someone pointed out this issue:

HuffPost UK has contacted ITV to find out the answer. We will not rest until we know how those beds are arranged.  

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