Love Island's Remi Says Unaired Jacques Arguments 'Ruined' Villa Experience

"There was of lot stuff that wasn’t aired... You can’t treat anyone like that," Remi said of his fellow Islander.
Love Island's Remi and Jacques
Love Island's Remi and Jacques

Love Island’s Remi Lambert has said his experience in the villa was ruined by arguments with Jacques O’Neill that went unaired on the show.

Remi was dumped from the Island on Sunday, and has since appeared on YouTube series Reality With Will Njobvu to discuss his time on the ITV2 show.

Asked about his interview on Love Island spin-off Aftersun, where Will noted that Remi seemed “deflated” following his exit, Remi explained: “There was of lot stuff that wasn’t aired – a lot of stuff going on.

“So basically, me and Jacques got into quite a lot of arguments and it just made my experience shit.

“It really ruined it for me,” he said.

“People were saying, ‘It’s because he’s got a rugby persona,’ but you can’t treat anyone like that.”

Asked by fellow Islander Afia Tonkmor about the arguments, Remi said Jacques was “trying to get on to” him, often mimicking him and saying things like: “My name’s Remi. I’m hard and I’m from Manny.”

Remi continued: “He’d do that constantly. It was so jarring but I was the only one to stick up for myself because he would always do that to people and I would just like stick it on him and say ‘Shut up.’

“But yeah, we just got into a lot of fights and stuff,” Remi added.

A Love Island spokesperson had no comment to add when contacted by HuffPost UK.

Remi also named Jacques as someone he did not get along with in the villa in an Instagram Q&A, calling him a “muppet”.

When one fan responded saying: “Nah u can’t post this without the context,” Remi replied: “That’s for another day.”

Remi also posted this on his Instagram Story during a Q&A with his followers
Remi also posted this on his Instagram Story during a Q&A with his followers

However, overall Remi told Reality With Will Njobvu that his Love Island experience was “so good”, saying he enjoyed “creating friendships, doing challenges, seeing the view and the weather”.

“It’s like a free holiday, innit,” he joked.

Remi added that he got on best with Jay Younger and Indiyah Polack while in the villa.

Asked why he didn’t make a move on Indiyah, Remi said: “I was just confused. I was just getting mixed signals really.

“It was pure energy, dead playful doing Rock, Paper, Scissors... talking about deep stuff. We had a lot of fun together.”

Love Island airs Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV2. Watch the full episode of Reality With Will Njobvu above.


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