11/07/2017 07:29 BST | Updated 11/07/2017 11:20 BST

‘Love Island’ Stars Face Axe If They Have Unprotected Sex, As Show Bosses Worry About Unwanted Pregnancies

Rubber up.

This year’s ‘Love Island’ stars could face being axed from the show if they continue to have unprotected sex, according to reports.

Show bosses are worried about the islanders contracting STDs or getting pregnant after failing to use condoms whilst having sex on the ITV2 show.


The warning comes after Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies reportedly didn’t use protection during any of their romps.

The hit show, which has attracted a huge audience of 2.4million viewers, has its own brand of condoms dotted around the villa.

A source told The Sun: “Despite all the condoms and the islanders being repeatedly reminded to stay safe before going onto the show, they’re just ignoring it all.

“Bosses of the show really want to avoid anything controversial - because it’ll overshadow what the show is really about and all the hard work that has got the huge ratings will have gone to waste.

“So now they want to be proactive rather than reactive and they’ve issued stars a stern warning – play safe or leave.”

HuffPost UK have contacted ITV2 for comment.


Despite the amount of sexual activity going on in the ‘Love Island’ villa, show bosses have actually toned down this year’s series.

Producers have been deliberately played down the sex scenes, out of concern that viewers may start tuning in for all the wrong reasons.

A ‘Love Island’ spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “The show isn’t about sex, it’s about following the couples’ journeys.

“We only show moments of intimacy when we feel it is important to a couple’s story.”

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