11/04/2017 12:03 BST

'Lovejoy' Could Return To Our Screens, Says Ian McShane... Just Without Him

Would it still appeal?

‘Lovejoy’ has been off our screens for over 20 years, but its star has a grand idea for how it could be revived - and it wouldn’t involve him.

Ian McShane, who delighted millions with his portrayal of the  lovable rogue antiques dealer, has told the Guardian that the show could be rebooted with Lovejoy’s daughter in the main role.

He says: “I have fond memories of it but no wish to do it again. But they keep saying, ‘Would you?’ And I say, ‘Go ahead and write it.’

“You know he had a daughter? Well, you could have 30 minutes of ‘Lovejoy’s coming back’ and then this gorgeous blonde walks through the door. That could work.”

Ian McShane starred as Lovejoy in the hit BBC series

Lovejoy actually had two daughters, Kate and Vicki, who appeared occasionally during the course of the series.

Ian starred in the show which ran on and off from 1986 for six series, alongside Phyllis Logan,Chris Jury and Malcolm Tierney. At its peak, it drew 16million viewers to the show following the antics of the antiques dealer, inspired by the novels of Jonathan Gash.

Ian McShane, shortly to star in ‘American Gods’ on Amazon Prime, went on to a glorious career on both sides of the Atlantic - featuring in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Deadwood’ and ‘Game of Thrones’, the last of which he delighted and horrified fans alike with his frank description. Lambasted for giving away a spoiler on the hit show, he told fans to “get a life” and reminded them it was “only tits and dragons”. 

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