07/02/2017 12:20 GMT | Updated 07/02/2017 12:21 GMT

Woman Calls Out Shops For Giving Girls 'Confidence Issues' With Inconsistent Sizing


We all know the feeling. You go into one shop and you can easily fit into a size ten but in other places you can just about squeeze one foot in.  

Now one woman has gone viral after calling out the inconsistency in high street clothing retailers. 

Lucy Horsley from Yorkshire was inspired to write a Facebook post after seeing the blatant difference in sizing between New Look and River Island jeans.

Taking a photograph of the two offending items, Horlsey explained that the black jeans are a size fourteen, and the blue jeans (which are noticeably smaller) are a size eighteen, saying: “How on earth can the bigger size be smaller?”

Both pairs are high-waisted, super skinny and super stretchy.

They also have the same fastening.

Horsley says this issue goes further than causing confusion at the checkout, and is contributing to the problem of young women’s body confidence.

“No wonder so many girls have confidence issues and hate buying new clothes,” she says.

Clearly resonating with lots of other female shoppers, the post has already been shared over 18,000 times.

A River Island spokesperson told The Huffington Post UK: “All of our products are fitted on the body to ensure a consistent fit across all our ranges. We do not fit against other retailers but use models we believe best representative our customers. We will look into the sizing issue this customer has highlighted.”

New Look were contacted but did not want to give comment on this occasion.