14 Reasons Why Mac And Cheese Is The Most Overrated Dish

Come on guys.

Look, now we are not one for one minute suggesting that mac and cheese is the worst meal out there. Carbohydrates and dairy are natural bedfellows and how much could go wrong by combining the two?

But that’s just it, while it is a meal that makes logical sense, we can all admit that it really isn’t all that foodies and Instagrammers are making it out to be.

Here are the 14 reasons why, mac and cheese is just frankly overrated.

1. It over promises and gets you really excited.

2. It always gets served in a skillet that is hotter than the sun.

3. It lulls you into eating it before it cools and burns the roof of your mouth.

4. It gets boring after two mouthfuls.

5. But drags you down into a black hole of eating it all anyway.

6. It then means you have no room to try everyone else’s food.

7. It leaves a claggy taste in your mouth.

8. It needs a litre of water to wash it down with.

9. It requires the exact ratio of cheese to pasta to be good.

10. It is never surprising.

11. It has no nutritional value.

12. It wants everyone to call it Mac n’ Cheese.

13. It is so cheap to make that you resent paying £10 for the pleasure.

14. It leaves you in a food coma unable to do anything for hours.