Machinarium Is Almost A Decade Old And It's Still Brilliant On iPad

This is one of the most original, surreal and utterly charming games ever made.
Amanita Design

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Machinarium is unlike any game you’ve ever played.

It’s unashamedly quirky, at times deeply frustrating but always, and I do mean always, utterly charming.

Developed by Amanita Design (you probably know them for making Botanicula or Samorost), Machinarium was their first attempt and while it’s not perfect, it is a classic.

Completely hand-drawn, this game places you in control of a little robot who has been relegated to the giant scrap heap outside of the city. You have to help him find a way back in, rescue his robot partner and save the city.

Amanita Design

Originally released for PC as a point-and-click adventure, Machinarium has transferred wonderfully to smartphones and tablets. None of the game’s surreal atmosphere has been lost with crisp, high-resolution textures and the game’s original soundtrack still just as enchanting.

Machinarium isn’t perfect of course. The game can be infuriatingly hard at times and with no hints system in place you might want to turn to Google if you get stuck.

Amanita Design

Where it succeeds however is in creating environments you don’t want to leave. Each scene is filled with things to do, tasks to perform and even after leaving you’ll wonder if you’ve experienced everything it had to offer.

That it was first released almost a decade ago should hold no bearing on its quality, Machinarium is a timeless game that deserves a place on your iPad or smartphone.

Machinarium is available to download on iOS via the App Store for £4.99 and Android’s Google Play store for £3.99.


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