Madonna Opens Up About Recent Hospitalisation: 'It's A F**king Miracle I'm Here'

The pop icon, in a recent stop on The Celebration Tour, spoke out about her ICU stint due to a bacterial infection this summer.
Madonna performs during The Celebration Tour
Madonna performs during The Celebration Tour
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Madonna recalled the health scare that left her in the ICU for several days and caused her to delay the start of her tour this year during remarks to fans in Belgium on Saturday.

The pop icon, who was hospitalised due to a “serious bacterial infection” in June, reflected on fans’ concerns for her during emotional remarks to the crowd at Antwerp’s Sportpaleis arena.

“Less than four months ago, I was in a hospital and I was unconscious, and people were thinking, predicting that I might not make it,” Madonna said.

“It’s a fucking miracle that I’m here right now. My mother, god bless her, she must be watching over me — she said, ‘Girl, it’s not your time to go.’”

Madonna continued to speak about her mother, who died of breast cancer in 1963 when the Like A Prayer singer was five years old.

“I had this strange thought. I suddenly had sympathy and empathy for my mother, not about the dying part, but how lonely she must have felt being in hospital knowing that she wasn’t going to live. And I was given another chance, so I’m very grateful for that,” she said.

“I must tell you that I don’t feel very well right now but I can’t complain, because I’m alive. Thank god for my children and all of your love and support.”

Madonna, who was reportedly found unresponsive prior to her hospitalisation this summer, declared in a message on social media that she was “on the road to recovery” in July. She noted that she first spent the time after waking up in the hospital thinking about her kids followed by her fans.

The singer, in a message to her social media followers, reflected on how “lucky” she was to be alive.

Madonna will continue The Celebration Tour, an effort covering the singer’s legendary career, in more dates throughout Europe before bringing her tour to America starting December 13.


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