24/05/2017 13:37 BST

Madonna Slammed For ‘Narcissistic’ Instagram Post About Manchester Terror Attack

'This makes you seem really out of touch.'

Madonna has been accused of “narcissism” after she shared an Instagram post paying tribute to to those affected by the Manchester terror attack.

The 58-year-old singer shared a photo of her posing with Ariana Grande, who had performed at the Manchester Arena on Monday night before the venue was targeted by a suicide bomber.

Madonna captioned the snap: “Thank goodness my friend is OK. Lets all pray for the innocent victims who are not ok. For their families and for Manchester.”

The post attracted criticism because the singer mentioned Ariana before paying tribute to those who had lost their lives or had been injured.

One wrote: “OK, Madonna I love you, been a huge fan for years. But this post makes you seem really out of touch. Of course Ariana was ok (physically) because she was surrounded by security. Your main point should be about the people who were killed or injured. You should not have used this as an opportunity to post a photo of you with Ariana. Its not about you is it? “

Another added: “Choose your words wisely. Who the fuck cares about [Ariana]? What about the ones that lost their lives and their mourning families?”

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Ariana Grande

A third wrote: “Being thankful that Ariana is OK, should have come at the end of the post. It should have been respect for the dead children that should be foremost in people’s minds.”

Another added: “This post was so damn unnecessary! Think more before you post this kind of shit. Over-the-top narcissistic.”

However, many of Madonna’s fans jumped to her defence, insisting she was “encouraging unity”.

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One argued:  “I don’t see the problem with the words. She is just expressing her happiness that her friend is safe and then has urged people to pray for the victims. It’s encouraging unity, so I don’t think her words are narcissistic.”

Another fan wrote: “So many rude and disrespectful people here. Leave Madonna alone and get a fucking life! It’s her IG and it’s her personal condolence message. So, what’s your problem?”

Madonna isn’t the only star to come under fire after they took to social media following the attack.

Kim Kardashian removed a tweet featuring a photo of her with Ariana, after she was accused by some fans of being “inappropriate”.

One wrote: “We’re never going to forget when you posted an inappropriate pic and made the #Manchesterbombing all about you. (Screenshots are forever.)”

The reality star then tweeted further messages, expressing her sadness about the bombing.