9 Makeup Products We've All Bought But Absolutely Never Plan On Using

Here's looking at you brow gel.

We’ve all made our fair share of makeup mistakes over the years - Lancome juicy tubes anyone - but now a study has revealed that the average UK woman has over £130 worth of makeup products they never use.

Although that seems shocking, we all have drawers full of untouched beauty products that are testimony to that socially pressured moment at the MAC counter (and our over-ambitious contouring plans).

Here’s the list of stuff that will never make it to your face or appendages.

1. Brow Gel

At 7am there is no time for that shit.

2. Orange Lipstick

Looks good on no skin tone ever. And gives us yellow teeth?

3. False Eyelash Applicators

They are just glorified tweezers people.

4. Eye Cream

Weighing up whether it actually works and a saved minute of your time. We’ll just accept ageing thanks.

5. Coloured Mascara

Black is clearly the only actual option here.

6. Green Concealer

Doesn’t work, it’s an urban legend designed to make us spend money.

7. Liquid Bronzer

Who has time to blend when they’re sitting on the bus to work?

8. Bronzing Balls

Sorry 2007, these were awful.

9. Felt Tip Eyeliners

When you screw up, you screw up big time.

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