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2019 must see a shift to celebrating more diverse types of beauty, face shapes, ages as well as skin tones and textures
You can avoid still finding it days later.
'As creepy is my forte, it made sense to incorporate the elf into my looks.' 😂
“To inspire or open the creative mind to others is something I’m very passionate about,” added Pratt.  “And to relate that
Read more on The Huffington Post People were inspired by her talent for using her hijab to represent hair and other features
The artist shared this style, called split personality (get it?) to a barage of praise.  One follower commented: “You always
Beauty enthusiasts the world over asked, and MUA Sarah Brock delivered 🙌
Read more on The Huffington Post And it appears that the key to success is using small amount of products.  “I used small
Featuring metallic paint, sparkly diamontes and striking eye makeup, Brooklyn looked incredible.  Brooklyn, who also has
'I can’t offer an apology for my artwork and for what I find to be beautiful'
Read more on The Huffington Post The MUA has since posted an image on Instagram, defending the original post.  “The transformation
Read more on The Huffington Post A makeup artist has been using wasps and snails to create an unusual beauty look, but it
Many users have said they found it to be both incredible and a little bit disgusting.   Read more on The Huffington Post