Forget The Shelf - 'Elf On The Self' Is Now A Thing Thanks To This Makeup Artist

'As creepy is my forte, it made sense to incorporate the elf into my looks.' 😂

‘Elf On The Shelf’ is a Christmas tradition that is loved and loathed in equal amounts by parents - but one woman has more reason than most to find it ‘creepy’ as it has turned its mishchevious attention to her face.

For those who don’t know, the idea of ‘Elf On The Shelf’ is that a visiting elf appears around the house in a new position every morning to deligth kids in the lead up to Christmas.

Well, British makeup artist Zoe Pratt had other ideas for the cheeky imp and has been creating various makeup looks that incorporate the troublesome elf.

“I wanted to bring the elf into play with the Christmas looks because it’s become quite an iconic part of a lot of people’s Christmas regime,” Pratt told HuffPost UK.

“I do find them kind of creepy and as creepy makeup is my forte, it made sense to incorporate them into my looks!”

The response has been viral with over 2, 200 likes on her first post of the tradition she has renamed ‘Elf On The Self’.

“I had no idea the looks would reach such a large audience at the time,” she said.

Pratt relishes getting creative and producing jaw-dropping looks.

“My objective with the makeup and face paint is to make people laugh or to make them wince,” she said.

“To inspire or open the creative mind to others is something I’m very passionate about,” added Pratt.

“And to relate that to an iconic feature such as the Elf On The Shelf seemed a good way of doing so.”


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