20/06/2018 14:47 BST | Updated 20/06/2018 14:48 BST

Festival Makeup: The Beauty Trends Of 2018, According To Experts

Witness the evolution of the sparkle.

Festival beauty in 2018 is going to see the evolution of the sparkle: from chunky glitter to a glistening glow.

So predicts tanning expert Jules Von Herp (who has bronzed the contestants on ‘X Factor’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’), hair colourist Josh Wood, hairdresser and owner of self-titled hair line Lee Stafford and Sleek makeup artist Yemani Elise, who all came together at Boots Beauty Festival to discuss the trends that are going to be everywhere this upcoming festival season.

These are the looks that will be dominating the fields this summer:


Stafford says he can’t imaging seeing glitter space buns this year as “they are the epitome of 2017”. However, he can see glitter being scattered through glossed loose locks as “natural texture has never been so big. Festival hair this year will be about the curls, the afro, [it will] really have this 60s moment”.

“I can even see the scrunchie and the zig zag hairstyle coming back and Jackie O scarves,” he added.

As well as retro looks, Stafford predicts Beyoncé will have a large influence on what people do with their hair. “Her half up and down high pony [seen in concerts recently] will be swinging around in festivals too,” he said.

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Beyoncé Knowles performs on stage during the 'On the Run II' tour opener at Principality Stadium on 6 June 2018 in Cardiff, Wales.

When it comes to daring hair colour, Stafford thinks neon pink has now become too “acceptable”. Instead, “silver is going to be massive.”

But if you love candy floss hair don’t fear, you don’t have to give it up completely. You can bring your look up to date simply by toning it down, as Wood believes the latest colour trend will be muted tones. “I created this rose quartz hair colour at the Alexander Wang show a couple of seasons ago. It was pink but it had a mauvey under colour that made it that much more sophisticated.”

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Wood also predicts coloured extensions braided into hair will be another popular hair choice across the summer.  


From freckles to skin so glossy it looks glassy, inspired by Korean beauty trends, festival beauty this year is expected to be all about embracing the natural - but with an added intense glow of course.

As well as the expected blinding highlighter tones, Elise believes that iridescent golden green tones will have their moment.

“Highlighter will be applied differently. Instead of just across the top of your cheekbone, a crescent shaped blush wrapped around the side of your face will be the look,” she said.

“Instead of structured makeup like contour, think prettier, the makeup is all a bit softer. But festival fashion is an excuse to be extra so don’t worry about muting the colours”.


Co-founder of Isle of Paradise tanning range, Von Herp predicts instead of uber-bronzed looks we’ve seen in the past, this year we’ll be seeing people who look like they’ve just got the first hint of a summer glow. He advises applying light layers of products that build up gradually.