Male Northern White Rhino, Sudan, Joins Tinder In Effort To Save Species From Extinction

He really is 'one of a kind'.

Many may boast on their dating profiles of being “one of a kind”, but for Tinder’s latest member it’s a fact.

Sudan is the last male northern white rhino in the world and has joined the dating app in a bid to save his species from extinction.

A joint campaign between Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Tinder was launched on Tuesday with the hope of raising the £7 million needed to protect the northern white rhino from extinction.

Sudan, who is protected by armed guards 24/7, lives at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy with two female rhinos, Najin and Fatu. The trio have been unable to breed naturally due to a range of issues, including old age.

Conservationists hope Sudan can be bred with one of 17,000 other potential female white rhino suitors using in vitro fertilisation (IVF) in what has been described as the “last option” to save the species.

Sudan's Tinder profile
Sudan's Tinder profile

Richard Vigne, CEO, Ol Pejeta Conservancy said: “The plight that currently faces the northern white rhinos is a signal to the impact that humankind is having on many thousands of other species across the planet.

“Saving the northern white rhinos is critical if we are to, one day, reintroduce rhinos back into Central Africa.

“They contain unique genetic traits that confer upon them the ability to survive in this part of Africa.

“Ultimately, the aim will be to reintroduce a viable population of northern white rhino back into the wild which is where their true value will be realised.”

Vigne added: “This represents the last option to save the species after all previous breeding attempts proved futile.”

The project, which is currently taking place in the United States, Germany and Japan aims to establish a herd of 10 northern white rhinos after five years using IVF.

But financial support is considered the largest challenge to save the species, hence the partnership with Tinder.

“We partnered with Ol Pejeta conservancy to give the most eligible bachelor in the world a chance to meet his match,” said Matt David, head of communications and marketing at Tinder.

“At Tinder, we believe that the people we meet can change our lives. I would not be surprised if Mr Sudan turned out to be one of our most right swiped users.”

If users swipe right on Sudan then they will see a message that features a link where they can donate.


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