Scientists announced on Wednesday that two embryos of the northern white rhino have been successfully fertilised. The precious embryos will soon be transferred into female southern white rhinos to hopefully save the functionally extinct species.
Our roundup of this week’s good news, featuring wolf puppies, plants taking selfies, travelling rhinos, and a man whose dementia didn’t stop him playing a piano piece he had composed over 30 years ago.
A week-old baby rhino calf enjoyed his first adventure outside at the Chester Zoo.
A pride of lions reportedly devoured three poachers in an Eastern Cape game reserve, leaving only dismembered remains, an axe and a rifle.
Many may boast on their dating profiles of being “one of a kind”, but for Tinder’s latest member it’s a fact. Sudan is the
Never has the time been more right for a full domestic ivory ban in the UK. At a time when the Government is already facing a wave of criticism over its manifesto-breaking National Insurance tax hike, all eyes are on its double manifesto pledge of pressing for a 'total ban on the ivory trade'.
Poachers broke into a French zoo where they killed a rhino and cut off his horn. The five-year-old male named Vince was found