Malema On Land: We'll Deal With The Details When We Take Over

An EFF government would in effect never GIVE any land to black people. It would merely give them permission to use it.

Huffington Post South Africa has previously interviewed Economic Freedom Fighters' leader Julius Malema and asked him about his party's land policy. The party will not actually give back the land as individual property rights. It would be owned by the state and leased back to South Africans.

When pressed on the issue, Malema compared land to the public broadcaster.

"Who's the state? There is no state without the will of the people. When we say the [South African Broadcast Corporation] is owned by the people, it does not mean you will literally own it. But every time you are angry [you say]: 'We own the SABC! We pay licence for the SABC!' You feel the ownership of the SABC because it belongs to the state. It's a public broadcaster."

Watch the video for more.


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