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Man Celebrates Having First Bath In 20 Years After Losing An Incredible 14 Stone

Congrats, Charles 🛁

A man who weighed 33 stone has been able to bath for the first time in 20 years, after losing an incredible 14 stone.

Charles Pask, 37, had to wear 8XL shirts before his weight loss. The Leicester accountant had been approved for weight loss surgery on the NHS but declined because his “passion for food and cooking would be taken away forever.”

However when a friend was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, Charles said he promised her he would shift his weight once and for all.

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He said: “I had wanted to do something about my weight for many years but I was lazy and I was getting away with it health wise.

“But I began seeing signs of my body giving in. I woke up one night and when I stood up I heard a crunching sound in my knees.

“This was really scary and it turned out I have crepitus which meant my weight had softened my kneecaps.

“I was also wearing 8XL shirts and 66” waist jeans and was struggling to find clothes to buy and get in and out of my car.“

He added: “When my friend was diagnosed with cancer in April 2016 I said that I would join Slimming World if she fought the cancer.“

Charles said he was “distraught” to hear he was 33 stone and 7.5lbs and had a BMI almost three times over what it should be.

Before starting the diet plan, Charles said he would continuously snack and would gorge on multiple packets of crisps and takeaways a night.

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Charles posing with one of his old shirts.

There were also many things he couldn’t do due to his weight including fitting in a football ground seat, a plane seat and even in the bath.

But in just 15 months Charles has managed to turn his life around, with the help of his girlfriend and Slimming World and has dropped six clothes sizes and an incredible 28 inches from his waist.

He said: “Simple things like getting into a bath are taken for granted by many but I couldn’t do this.

“I had my first bath for over 20 years whilst on holiday in Cornwall in July and it was a surreal but fantastic moment.

“In October this year I have also booked my first flight with a single seat flying from London to New York with Virgin Atlantic with my girlfriend.

“I have so much more self worth now and being able to see a future is something I cherish whilst others may take it for granted.“

Foodie Charles said with Slimming World he has still been able to enjoy dining out with his girlfriend, who he said has been one of his biggest inspirations.

He said: “In terms of inspiration I have had so much amazing support from friends, family and colleagues since I began my Slimming World journey.

“However my biggest inspiration and support comes from my girlfriend who I met when I was still at the start of my weight loss journey weighing over 30 stone.

“She is amazing as she didn’t see a man with a weight problem, she saw the man I truly was, someone with a lot of love to give but someone who thought he would be alone forever.

“She has changed my life and I cannot wait to see what our future holds.”

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Charles before losing weight.

Charles, who has used Instagram @thefoodieslimmer to blog about his weight loss journey, said he now hopes to help others and has a few things he would still like to achieve - including writing his own healthy cookbook.

He added: “My hope is to reach as many people as possible and help them to be happier and healthier just as I have had others inspire me.

“I am focusing on losing as much weight as I can before mid-October when we go on holiday and I want to look into the possibility of plastic surgery for the excess skin I have.

“I am still not at the end of my weight loss journey with wanting to get to that healthy BMI.

“I’m still on my journey and I’m hoping to lose over 20 stone in total by April next year.

Speaking about his future goals Charles said: “One day I hope to watch the football team I support, Tottenham Hotspur, play at home in a big game which I never thought possible.

“As a child my parents would take me and my brothers to support Leicester Tigers regularly, and it’s a nice thought that someday I could have my own season tickets and be able to take my family to watch them.

“I always wanted an Audi S3 or Ford Focus RS as a car but I was too big and it never seemed possible but perhaps someday that can be reality.

“If not I will certainly do one of those sports car track days experiences.

“I’d love to write a cookbook too for low fat healthy dishes that can be made at home with everyday ingredients.”

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Charles after his weight loss.

He also has advice for others embarking on their weight loss journeys.

He said: “It’s important for anyone on a weight loss journey that it needs to be a lifestyle not a diet as you need to commit to the long term of healthy eating and making those important food choices.”

“I would recommend Slimming World to anyone no matter what you feel you want to lose in terms of weight.

“I am keen to encourage other men to get healthier as many struggle to take that first step and admit they need help but the plan can help anyone and my own success can hopefully encourage others to do the same and change their lives.” 

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