Man Secretly Snaps Girlfriend With Engagement Ring Before Finally Proposing

"The moment I planned a holiday or a meal she would have clocked on..."

A man from Hertfordshire has revealed how he carried an engagement ring around with him for more than a month – taking secret photographs – before eventually proposing to his partner.

Edi Okoro, 30, said that he was struggling to work out how to pop the question to long-term girlfriend Cally Read, 28. “You want to propose in a way that speaks to you as a person and couple,” he explained.

Some people plan a flash mob or a fancy meal, said Okoro, who is not a planner by nature and realised his girlfriend would have seen through any grand gesture. Instead he decided to embrace his spontaneous nature – and capture the journey along the way so he could share it with her afterwards.

Carrying the ring around in his pocket for more than a month, Okoro decided to have some fun and took pictures of himself with the ring behind Read’s back.

In one photo, Read is paying at the counter of a store while Okoro holds the ring behind her. In another, she is looking through binoculars at the seaside, little knowing the box is in shot. In a third, he places it in her hand while she sleeps.

Okoro says that he even popped the ring in Read’s jewellery bowl for two days without her noticing it was there. He figured that if he got caught he would propose there and then.

Eventually he did propose but has not revealed how or where he did it. Instead he posted the build-up photographs on Facebook – and they’ve been shared 62,000 times.

A video of him holding the ring and laughing while she brushed her teeth has also been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

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