This Dad Made A Cardboard Piece Of Toast So He Could Find The Perfect Toaster

Absolute genius.

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting your bread in the toaster, only to find the ratio is completely off and a third of your bread isn’t even warm, let alone toasted.

Knowing this feeling of utter disappointment all too well, one man decided to think outside the box. The dad (/hero), who remains anonymous, cut out a bread-shaped piece of cardboard – helpfully labelled ‘toast’ – and took it to Currys so he could buy a toaster deep enough for his desired size of bread.

A family friend shared the man’s brilliant trick on Twitter, with a photo of said cardboard toast, where it received almost 16,000 likes and thousands of comments. “Wish I’d done that,” she wrote.

Some people pointed out that useless toasters are... THE WORST.

Others wanted nothing more than to let the man know that surely he should’ve labelled his cardboard creation ‘bread’. C’mon guys.

The tweet also prompted some (very smart) people to share their brilliant hacks for buying goods. One family took a tennis ball sofa shopping so they could find a seat which was low enough to prevent their dog’s ball from rolling underneath.

Another went to extreme lengths to make sure her Christmas decoration could be held properly by a Christmas tree branch.

And someone else cut out a slice of pizza from paper to decide what size plates he needed.

We’re totally on board.