Man Who Had Vasectomy Films Wife As He Tells Her She's Pregnant: 'Shut Up! Are You For Real?'

'She has no idea what she’s going to find out when she gets home.'

A man gave his wife the surprise of her life when he told her she was pregnant, eight months after he’d had a vasectomy.

Tim Brummel, from Atlanta in the US, said he had noticed his wife Rachel Brummel had been acting a “little bit pregnant” due to food cravings and her feeling tired.

Although he’d had a vasectomy, the dad-of-three realised he hadn’t received the results from his latest check up, so decided to call up the doctors.

When he did, he was told the procedure was unsuccessful.

“She has no idea what she’s going to find out when she gets home, we’re going to add to this madness,” Brummel said, filming his three children at the dinner table.


To confirm what he thought he already knew, Brummel found out a way to do a pregnancy test without his wife knowing.

He disabled the toilet during the night so it wouldn’t flush. In the morning after his wife had been for a wee, he tested her urine sample and it came back positive.

To break the news to his wife, Brummel left flowers and a card on the table for when she got home that read: “If you ever worried that life would be a bore, put that fear aside you are now a mummy of four.”

Watch the video above to see his wife’s reaction and the scene of events that unfolded after they found out they were expecting.

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