Man's Penis Piercing Results In Total Disaster After One-Night Stand


A guy discovered the huge downside to penis piercings when he accidentally peed on the floor and sent his crush to hospital.

The man, known only as sheerpariah on Reddit, revealed that he’d gone home with a Tinder date and they’d had sex. However in the middle of the night, he had needed to pee.

He explained that in his teenage years, he’d decided to pierce through the urethra and out of the base of the head of his penis. But the novelty soon wore off and, after removing the piercing, he’d been left with a sizeable hole.

From that point on, whenever he had to urinate, he’d either “plug” the extra hole in his penis or sit down, so as to avoid accidents. (As he put it: “Mistakes are TERRIBLE as I can urinate straight backward.”)

You see where this is going...

When the guy got up to pee at his lady friend’s house, he ended up urinating on the floor but, because he was half asleep, he didn’t realise what he’d done.

He was later woken up by a bump and a shout, and discovered his lover lying on her back, on the floor, in a puddle of his wee.

“I [had] urinated straight out the front of the toilet and had no clue,” he recalled.

But the story gets better - and when we say ‘better’, we mean worse.

“This nice now like a turtle on her back in a strange man’s urine in her own home,” he recalled. “Urine that she thinks is water from a leaky toilet. Really, would you have corrected her?”

After a trip to hospital, the guy dropped her back home and has since been waiting in anticipation to see if she’ll speak to him again.

Discussing the unfortunate puddle, he said: “I know full well though that she will...probably already has...found out what that was. Stand by for update.”