Donald Trump's Map Of The World

"I love China, OK? Believe me, they build great walls."

Bulgarian artist Yanko Tsvetkov decided to help visualise the Republican presidential candidate’s geographical ideas with a handy map.

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Tsvetkov makes references to various Trump statements and sentiments in the graphic, including his pioneering position in the “birther” movement which alleged Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States, his involvement in the ‘Miss Universe’ beauty pageant franchise, his suggestions that parts of Europe were “no-go areas” for non-Muslims, and, of course, his love of walls.

“It’s time to face things as they really are,” Tsvetkov wrote in a post on his website. “Trump, for all his potential as a shrewd businessman, actually possesses the mentality of a rural alcoholic whose only experience with political debate starts and ends at a local pub.”

Scathing. And his zingers didn’t stop there.

“Trump is not someone who should spend even a single night at the White House,” he added. “Not even if he had too much wine after Hillary Clinton’s inauguration party.”