03/04/2017 15:18 BST

Marc Jacobs Reveals This Could Have Been Carrie Bradshaw's Iconic SATC Dress Instead Of The Pink Tutu


It’s loved by every Sex And The City fan as much as the series’ beloved fashionable Cosmopolitan cocktail. 

That iconic powder pink tutu. 


But yesterday designer Marc Jacobs nearly broke the internet when he revealed a huge nearly-had-been moment. 

The tutu - which was sourced by costume designer Patricia Fields and cost around $5 - was close to being replaced with a blue simple shift dress from the designer. 

Jacobs shared the previously unknown insight with his 6 million Instagram followers yesterday: 

“If Carrie hadn’t worn that iconic tutu in the opening sequence of Sex And The City, she would have have this Marc Jacobs spring ‘98 dress,” Jacobs wrote. 

It’s the exact dress supermodel Kate Moss showcased on the runway for Marc Jacobs spring ‘98 collection. 

Jacobs also shared a photo of actress Winona Ryder wearing the blue dress during the 90s whilst rocking her pixie cut:

We just don’t think the blue option would’ve been quite the same. The tutu will forever reign supreme.