Mariah Carey Wakes Up Jimmy Kimmel In Bed For Way More Than Pillow Talk

The talk show host had intimate praise for the pop diva after she surprised him as he slept.
Mariah Carey and Jimmy Kimmel
Mariah Carey and Jimmy Kimmel

Mariah Carey apparently has a very festive bedside manner. The pop diva woke up Jimmy Kimmel at his home to welcome the holiday season with her hit All I Want For Christmas Is You. (Watch the video below.)

The legendary singer was joined by Santa Claus and a few others who showered the talk show host with confetti in the clip, which aired during Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“You like this and you know it,” she told the groggy host.

Apparently he did.

“I’m, like, laying there, and I’m like, something smells good. And it was you, it turns out,” he said.

The five-time Grammy winner is going hard on the holiday cheer already.

Earlier this week she transitioned from Halloween to Christmas in a video she posted on social media, referencing a popular meme by emerging from a block of ice to frolic to All I Want for Christmas Is You.

The song reaps her millions in royalties every year, and regularly returns to the charts each festive season thanks to streaming, despite being released almost 40 years ago.


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