'It’s Time': Mariah Carey Has Officially Defrosted For The Festive Season

We all know it’s not Christmas until the Queen says so.
Marey Carey has declared the start of the festive season
Marey Carey has declared the start of the festive season
Instagram/Mariah Carey

Every year, the world eagerly awaits permission to start embracing the Christmas season with the blessing of Mariah Carey.

The pop icon has once again embraced the responsibility that comes with being the Queen of Christmas, marking the start of annual festivities with a brand new video that confirms we are indeed allowed to begin ringing in the season.

With Halloween over for another year, Mariah has taken to Instagram to share the exciting news we’ve all been waiting for, and this year the star finally embraced the various memes that circulate every year about her “defrosting” in the lead up to Christmas.

In a new video shared on Wednesday (1 November), Mariah can be seen defrosting from inside an icy block that’s locked away in a sealed vault, with the help of masked figures in Halloween costumes using hair dryers.

“It’s tiiiiime!” she sings in her signature high register whistle, shattering the ice before breaking out into her iconic 1994 track All I Want For Christmas Is You.

“#MariahSZN,” she hashtagged the post, which was flooded with excited comments. “November 1st should be a public holiday at this point in honour of Mariah’s annual announcement,” one person commented.

“Not her acknowledging the meme,” another wrote. “This is our tradition now,” a third declared.

Last year, Mariah marked the start of the season with another high production skit which saw her transform from an ominous witch on a Peloton bike to her Christmas attire atop a reindeer in the snow.

Although we’re closing in on 30 years since Mariah released her beloved Christmas song, the track only became a UK number one for the first time ever in 2020.

In 2021, she also released a new festive single called Fall In Love At Christmas, which came one year after releasing a remix of her song Oh Santa! with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson.


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