Marie Kondo’s 3-Year-Old Daughter Loves Folding Clothes Almost As Much As Her Mum

This is sparking joy

Everyone knows Marie Kondo wants us to declutter our lives – if it doesn’t spark joy, chuck it out – but have you mastered her folding trick?

The Japanese organisational guru came up with a basic method (which you can view here), so you can have drawers filled of visible, beautifully-folded clothes that you can find easily.

If you haven’t quite grasped it, let Kondo’s three-year-old daughter Satsuki show you how. Kondo filmed her daughter celebrating after neatly folding a pair of pale pink leggings.

And if you catch it quickly in the clip below – she’s sat next to a mini suitcase full of perfectly folded clothes.

“My kid can’t fold to save her life,” one mum commented, while another wrote: “I did this yesterday with my children while watching your Netflix show.”

Now if that isn’t a fun game to play with your kids, we don’t know what is.