What Did Mark Cavendish Say? Cyclist Throws Shade At Bradley Wiggins In BBC Interview

He has been accused of being grumpy.

Mark Cavendish added fuel to rumours of a feud with Bradley Wiggins with a comment to BBC reporters after his Olympic silver medal win.

The cyclist, who has won more Tour de France stages than any other British athlete, came second in the men’s omnium event on Monday evening.

But when the BBC had to briefly delay the start of his interview, he commented with a grin: “You’d be straight over to Brad, wouldn’t you?”.

“That’s the reason I left the Tour early, because of the team pursuit,” said Cavendish.

“[For] the omnium, finishing the Tour would’ve been a benefit. It’s a little bit [disappointing], but it’s how it works.

“Especially Brad, he has been super stressed. He wants to be the hero and all that.”

His latest comment comment drew mixed reaction from viewers.

Some were not impressed...

Although others seemed to enjoy the moment...

In the interview with Clare Balding, Cavendish said that the silver win was “really nice”.

“I still think gold would finish the collection but that’s just me you know?

He added: “But I’m super happy honestly.”

Cavendish is often accused of being grumpy - and it seemed from the reaction to his win that this time round was no different...

Although some seemed to feel that it was all the more reason to love him...

Cavendish accepted responsibility for the crash, according to the Press Association, saying he should have looked where he was going.

He said: “It was my fault, I should’ve looked where I was going a bit more. I hope he’s all right.

“I apologised to Elia, who went down.”

However, one Dutch journalist reported that he clashed with the cyclist over the incident...

On the BBC, Cavendish received support from Olympic cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy, who said the crash “wasn’t an intentional thing”.

He added: “Things can get quite physical and you can get quite aggressive in a race, but that wasn’t an aggressive move. If he was being aggressive he would would have ducked the shoulder in or the elbow. That was careless. I’m sure he’ll speak to the Korean and apologise.”


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