Marks And Spencer's Empire Pie Sparks Fierce Social Media Debate Over 'Celebrating Colonial Deaths'

'Someone approved this?'

A woman has sparked a heated social media row, after she accused Marks & Spencer’s of creating a pie that celebrated the deaths of millions in Britain’s former colonies.

Louise Raw, a historian, posted a picture of an ‘Empire Pie’ she bought from the supermarket, claiming the name left a “nasty taste in millions of people’s mouths ― those it didn’t kill”.

She was originally supported by some social media users, who criticised M&S for “evoking colonialism” to market their product.

But many others took contention at the outrage and said it was an overreaction.

While others simply waded into the debate to mock the suggestion it had any racist overtones.

The Huffington Post UK contacted M&S for comment but had not received any by the time this story went live.