It's easy to forget that the British monarch takes its instructions from the government.
The PM says we need to stop "self recrimination and wetness" about Rule Britannia! and Land Of Hope And Glory's association with slavery and colonialism.
The British public has been forced to acknowledge the darker, racist side of history. But what happens next? Timi Sotire writes.
Why is it we are so selective in which history we choose to remember and learn from? Journalist Maighna Nanu writes.
Wide-ranging “legacies of colonialism" investigation would look at the lasting impact of UK global rule overseas.
This investigation is a vital opportunity to show how and why colonialism and slavery colours our nation and our institutions – something we need if we want a more tolerant, cohesive, and progressive society
It’s really important to remember that ‘colonial’ isn’t just a historical concept referring to the bygone days of the British Empire