Mary Berry Accused Of ‘Betrayal’ After Claiming ‘Casserole With A Pastry Lid’ Is Actually A Pie

'That pie is a lie!'

When is a pie not a pie? Well, when it’s a casserole with a pastry lid popped on the top, actually.

That’s the conclusion many outraged viewers of ‘Mary Berry Everyday’ came to following the TV cook’s latest show.

That pie is a LIE!
That pie is a LIE!

Yep, there was an awful lot of concern on Twitter when the 81-year-old demonstrated how to make her potato, cheese and leek ‘pie’.

But some viewers simply refused to accept it was actually a pie because it didn’t have a pastry base.

Call the culinary controversy police!

And the experts agree. The annual British Pie Awards official definition is: “A pie is a filling totally and wholly encased in pastry.”

Awards chairman Matthew O’Callaghan told The Telegraph: “That’s not a pie. It’s just a casserole with a bit of pastry on top.

“We want a top and a bottom. Lattice, open top, only a top - they’re not allowed at the British Pie Awards.”

He added: “We’re not going to criticise Mary, though. She came to one of our food festivals in Melton Mowbray years ago, and she was very nice.”

It’s not the first time Mary has caused outrage among viewers of her BBC Two show.

Just last month, upset viewers took to Twitter to express their concern and outrage after Mary added white wine and cream to her classic bolognese sauce.


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