‘Match Of The Day’: Gary Lineker Is Actually Going To Present Saturday’s Show In His Pants, It Seems

Are we ready for this? We're not sure to be honest.
Plumb Images via Getty Images

When he vowed that if Leicester City won the Premier League he’d present ‘Match Of The Day’ in his pants, Gary Lineker was pretty certain he wouldn’t actually have to strip off.

Little did he know, 2016 was set to be a funny old year, and here we are. Leicester triumphed and, it seems, Gary is now preparing to front the nation’s much-loved football highlights programme in his kecks.

The new series kicks off on Saturday (13 August), coinciding with the beginning of the football season, and if this snap from the BBC is anything to go by, the presenter is actually going to stay true to his word:

Are we ready for the return, they ask. To be honest, we’re not too sure.

Gary then replied to their cheeky post, adding:

Gary’s had an interesting summer off since the 2015-16 season ended, and he’s hit headlines for somewhat unexpected reasons, after taking down Nigel Farage and Piers Morgan on Twitter.

The former footballer has also made a number of statements on his split from Danielle Bux, insisting that they will not be reuniting, despite the fact they enjoyed a holiday together.

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