Matt Goss Opens Up About 'Struggling' Relationship With Estranged Brother Luke

The Bros singer and recent Strictly contestant previously admitted that he hasn’t spoken to his twin in "four or five" months.
Matt Goss (L) and his brother Luke pictured in 2019
Matt Goss (L) and his brother Luke pictured in 2019
Gabe Ginsberg via Getty Images

Matt Goss has admitted that his relationship with brother Luke is “struggling a little bit”.

The twins, along with their friend Craig Logan, formed pop band Bros in 1986, releasing hits like When Will I Be Famous.

The band split up in 1992, and Matt went on to have a solo singing career, performing residencies at various Las Vegas venues. Luke, meanwhile, swapped the music business for Hollywood, appearing in films like Hellboy II and Blade II: The Golden Army.

The siblings reunited in 2017 for a special concert at the O2 Arena in London, and the rehearsal period and lead-up was captured on film in the documentary After The Screaming Stops.

When it debuted on BBC iPlayer in December 2018, After The Screaming Stops became a huge hit with viewers, thanks in no small part to Matt’s highly quotable one-liners.

After the film’s success, Bros played a string of gigs in 2019, but Matt has recently revealed that the brothers’ relationship is no longer in a good place.

“We are a larger-than-life entity on stage and that’s where we want to be making new music, but there’s no point in us doing it unless it can be done right,” he told The Sun’s Bizarre column.

“We are struggling a little bit in our relationship. But that doesn’t mean he’s not the love of my life. I will always put my foot forward for reconciliation.”

Bros, consisting of Craig Logan (left) and twin brothers Matt and Luke Goss in 1988
Bros, consisting of Craig Logan (left) and twin brothers Matt and Luke Goss in 1988
Dave Hogan via Getty Images

He explained that he is still keen to perform at Glastonbury with Luke in the future, telling The Sun: “Conversations would have to happen but my dream would be to do Glastonbury with my brother.”

Matt also addressed his fraught relationship with Luke during an appearance on Good Morning Britain earlier this month, when he told hosts Susannah Reid and Ben Shephard that he and his brother are “not talking at the moment”, and hadn’t been in touch for “four or five months”.

“Luke, if you’re watching this, we should talk at least,” he said, making a plea to his brother. “It’s weird going on national TV and asking my brother, but it’s quite funny.”

“The family, we’re just so dysfunctional, me and Luke sometimes,” he added. “We haven’t spoken for about four or five months now.”

He told the presenters that the last time he had been in contact with Luke, they had been looking ahead to plans for 2024. “We were talking to a couple of production companies… to do a follow-up of us,” he explained, perhaps alluding to the possibility of another documentary.

Matt, who appeared on Strictly Come Dancing last year, added that what he and his brother “really want to do is be on stage, together” and “actually make new music”.


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