06/10/2017 09:22 BST

McDonald’s Is Trialling A Vegan Burger, This Is Not A Drill

It's called the 'McVegan', obviously.

Hitting up McDonald’s after a night out is pretty much a no-go for vegans, but all that could be set to change. 

The fast food chain has announced it’s trialling a new vegan burger, made with a soy-based patty.

The aptly named ‘McVegan’ is also cheese-free and contains a specially blended ‘Vegan McFeast’ sauce that’s free of animal by-products. 

The burger is topped with fresh tomato, salad and pickles and comes with vegan fries. 

The bad news is the McVegan is currently only available in Tampere, Finland, where McDonald’s is testing the popularity of the product.

What’s more, the burger will only be on the menu for a few weeks, from 4 October to 21 November.

Nevertheless, vegan campaigners have praised the move as an important step in the right direction for making vegan food accessible. 

Dominika Piasecka, spokesperson for The Vegan Society, told HuffPost UK: “McDonald’s is probably the last company you’d expect to cater for vegans, but their vegan burger trial shows just how much the movement has grown along with the demand for plant-based food.

“The new vegan burger is a convenient and easily accessible option for those avoiding animal products to eat on a night out with friends, and we would like to see it rolled out in more countries.”

For now, you’ll have to book a holiday to try the burger. But with more than half a million people in the UK now following a vegan diet, we wouldn’t be surprised to the McVegan making it’s way here in the not-too-distant future.  

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