15/06/2016 11:55 BST

Eating At McDonald's Will Get You A Six Pack In Austria

Yes, seriously.

The fine people of continental Europe have been lucky enough to experience ordering beer in McDonald's for a long time, and now Austrian restaurants are handing out free six packs of Ottakringer as part of a promotion for the Euros.

Hungry diners who order €20 of food through delivery service will receive a free six pack of the 5.2% beverage.


According to Kronen Zeitung, the idea behind the free booze is to "bring a stadium atmosphere to your own living room for fans who can't be in France right now".

And that's not where the football fun ends for McDonald's fans in Austria. They're also rolling out Austrian and French inspired burgers, along with donuts emblazoned with the nation's flag.

It may shock you to learn that fast food outlets on the continent serve alcohol, but here's a few more treats from across the world that we'd never imagine seeing at a McDonald's:

  • McFalafel - Egypt
    McFalafel - Egypt
    McDonald's Egypt offers a falafel sandwich that rivals a Big Mac any day. The falafel patties are shaped to look like burgers and drenched in the ever-present secret sauce that seems to pop up everywhere.
  • Big Bulgogi Burger -- South Korea
    Big Bulgogi Burger -- South Korea
    Bulgogi, literally fire meat in Korean, is a traditional marinated barbecue beef that is simply put, absolute mouth-watering deliciousness. McDonald's put their spin on the Korean favorite by sandwiching two pork patties in a hamburger bun, slathering it with bulgogi sauce, and calling it a day.
  • Le Croque McDo -- France & Belgium
     Le Croque McDo -- France & Belgium
    McDonald's version of the classic croque monsieur, the Croque McDo is a favorite amongst francophiles. Two slices of Emmental cheese and a slice of ham are squashed between toast and pressed in a sandwich maker, creating a gooey, fondue-like ham and cheese.
  • McShawarma And McKebab - Israel
    McShawarma And McKebab - Israel
    These Middle Eastern favourites are fixtures all over the globe. McDonald's in Israel features barbecued beef on a lafa and pita. Both are served with a small Middle Eastern-style salad. Check out this hilarious McShawarma advertisement inspired by Pulp Fiction.
  • Veggie McCurry Pan -- India
    Veggie McCurry Pan -- India
    Fun Fact: India is the only country in the world where McDonald's does not serve beef. That means no Big Mac, and no Quarter Pounder. A moment of silence, if you please. Instead, vegetarian favorites like the McCurry Pan, a rectangular-shaped crust topped with curry, broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms and bell peppers and baked till crisp are common fare.
  • McTurco & Kofteburger -- Turkey
    McTurco & Kofteburger -- Turkey
    Recently we've waxed poetic on the virtues of the underexposed Turkish cuisine, and told you about our love affair with Turkey's Wet Burger. Although McDonalds' McTurco and Kofteburger (meatball) don't come close to our beloved Islak burger, we'll choose them over a Big Mac any day.
  • McSatay -- Indonesia
    McSatay -- Indonesia
    Flickr: nSeika
    Fancy your fast food slathered in a peanut sauce? Head to a Maccy D's in Malaysia.
  • McPork -- Japan
    McPork -- Japan
    It's unfortunate that McDonald's Japan doesn't make one of our favorite Japanese treats, the carb-bomb yakisoba sandwich. I guess we'll have to settle for the creatively-named McPork -- a basic hamburger with a pork instead of beef patty -- and then maybe some green tea and a red bean ice cream sundae, which is not such a bad thing.
  • Samurai Pork Burger -- Thailand
    Samurai Pork Burger -- Thailand
    Flickr: laughlin
    Cousin to the Japanese McPork, the Samurai is Thailand's answer to population that leans swine-wise and favors pork to beef any day.
  • McKroket -- The Netherlands
    McKroket -- The Netherlands
    Flickr: scalleja
    McDonalds goes Dutch in the Netherlands with the McKroket, a deep fried roll stuffed with chili. Think deep-fried sloppy joe. Perfect if you happen to find yourself with an increased appetite in Amsterdam.
  • The Nürnburger -- Germany
    The Nürnburger -- Germany
    In Nuremburg, Germany the specialty on a roll is Drei im Weggla, a trio of small, spiced sausages. McDonald's take also includes a sausage trio with a smear of mustard.
  • McLobster -- Canada
    McLobster -- Canada
    Flickr: Brian U
    The idea of McDonald's serving shellfish makes us a little quesy, but why not give the Canadians a shot with the McLobster -- eh? It may not be up to the standards of lobster purists, but it should tide you over until summer in the Hamptons. Snob.
  • McOz -- Australia
    McOz -- Australia
    Traditional Australian hamburgers usually include cheese, beetroot, pineapple, a fried egg (usually with a runny yolk) and bacon. McDonald's down under created a fusion between the classic Americano and the Aussie with their McOz by including beetroot in an otherwise classic Big Mac.
  • Kiwi Burger -- New Zealand
    Kiwi Burger -- New Zealand
    Flickr: BierDoctor
    In New Zealand the McOz is taken up a notch by throwing in a fried egg. Voila: the Kiwiburger.
  • The Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder -- Mexico
    The Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder -- Mexico
    Flickr: Merelymel13
    In 2010, McDonald's Mexico added the Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder, basically a quarter pounder souped up with layer of Flaming Hot Doritos and a healthy smear of guacamole. Taco Bell followed suit, and has recently come up with Doritos Tacos Locos. Not a fan? We don't blame you, why not opt for some spicy homemade guac on your burger instead?
  • The Greek Mac -- Greece
    The Greek Mac -- Greece
    The Greek Mac swaps out the original Big Mac's secret sauce and famed sesame seed bun for a pita and yogurt. We can't wait till McDolmas start popping up in Athens locations. I wonder what Yiayia would have to say about that.
  • McCriollo -- Colombia
    McCriollo -- Colombia
    McCriollo is Latin America's answer to the Egg McMuffin. Almost exactly the same, the only difference is a beefed-up bun in place of the classic English muffin. We've heard that the homemade variety make women fall macly in love.
  • McEmpanada Con Queso -- Chile
    McEmpanada Con Queso -- Chile
    Flickr: morrissey
    In Chile, fries can be subbed with empanadas. The Chileans are onto something, and the Colombians seem to agree.
  • McSpam -- Hawaii
    McSpam -- Hawaii
    Flickr: balise42
    Spam is often referred to as the "Hawaiian Steak." Not by us, though. McDonald's in Hawaii offers a Spam breakfast in an attempt to offer authentic Hawaiian fare. Try all they want, nothing beats a great loco moco.
  • Gazpacho Soup - Spain
    Gazpacho Soup - Spain
    Creative Commons
    A spicy summer soup served cool, this seasonal treat pops up at McDonald's restaurants in Spain during the warmer months.
  • Banana Pie - Malaysia
    Banana Pie - Malaysia
    This is just strange. It's like our beloved apple pies, but it's... different.
  • McSpicy Paneer - India
    McSpicy Paneer - India
    80% of India's population are Hindu, which means they don't eat beef - but that was never going to stop Maccy D's from opening up shop there. In addition to the chicken based Maharaja Mac, you can also pick up this burger with a fried patty of cheese curds.
  • Ebi Filet-O - Japan
    Ebi Filet-O - Japan
    Creative Commons
    This is just a single shrimp deep-fried in a panko breadcrumb and served in a bun with a little lettuce and mayo, and you can only pick them up in McD's in Japan.
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