If You Wanna Be Her Lover, Mel B's Going To Take You To The STI Clinic First

The Spice Girl also said she "always" carries condoms if two are set to become one.

Mel B has revealed she takes potential sexual partners to the STI clinic before they sleep together – and always carries condoms if sex is on the cards.

“I’ve been out on the however-many date, and I can see it’s heading down that area, and I’ve gone: ‘Let’s go to the clinic together and get it done,’” she said on Badoo’s dating podcast The Truth Flirts.

“I always have condoms in my bag. Not in my immediate backpack, but I will have them if I know I’m going to be going somewhere.”

This should come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever listened to the Spice Girls’ Christmas classic, 2 Become 1. Who can forget its crucial line of sex education: “Put it on, put it on.”

The star, who confirmed that she’s currently single, has been praised for her open attitude to sexual health.

And while a joint trip to the clinic may not feel the sexiest way to start a romantic encounter, the Terrence Higgins Trust says we could learn from the former Spice Girl’s approach.

“It’s brilliant to hear Mel B speaking so openly about sexual health, getting tested and condoms. Girl power is all about women’s empowerment and we want to see everyone empowered to look after their own sexual health,” Karen Bowers, service manager at the charity, tells HuffPost UK.

“Getting tested for STIs isn’t something everyone is comfortable talking about, but the more people who do it – especially those in the public eye – the more normal it becomes.”

Bowers acknowledged that Mel’s approach of taking prospective dates to the clinic before sex might not work for everyone, but said: “Couples getting tested together is a really nice idea. Rates of some STIs are soaring, so whatever we can do to normalise STI testing is great.”