23/08/2017 09:12 BST

Mel B Throws Glass Of Water Over Simon Cowell And Storms Off Live ‘America’s Got Talent’ Show After Marriage Quip

Too soon Simon, too soon.

Mel B isn’t ready for jokes about her failed marriage to estranged husband Stephen Belafonte just yet - as Simon Cowell found out during Tuesday night’s ‘America’s Got Talent’.

The music mogul ended up getting a soaking from the former Spice Girl after he made a quip about her and her ex-husband.

In fact Mel was so peeved, that she stormed off set during the live quarter final of the hit US show.

Things kicked off on the panel after one of the act’s stunts went wrong.


After escape artist Demien Aditya failed to do just that out of a wooden box, both Mel and Simon pressed their red buzzers.

Simon then told him: “I feel like this would be a lot like Mel’s wedding night, a lot of anticipation…not much promise or delivery.”



Cue an enraged Mel, who is currently going through a messy divorce from her TV producer husband, hurling a large glass of water over a stunned Simon, before storming off the show.

Host Tyra Banks confirmed Mel’s exit, telling viewers: “This is live TV y’all – live TV.”

Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images
Mel B

In a post-show interview, Mel was unapologetic, but insisted it was all done in jest.

“He should know if he says something inappropriate then he’s going to get stuff thrown at him,” she said.

“It was done in a jokey way. I made sure there was no ice in it! I should’ve had cranberry juice in there or something so his whole body would have been all sticky.

She also revealed the two had spoken about the incident after the show.

“I told him he was an arsehole,” she said. “And he goes ‘Oh, whatever’. But you have to understand that tonight was a two hour show. There was a lot of emotion.”

Watch Simon get a soaking in the video above.

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