Men Explain How They Felt When Their Wives Walked Down The Aisle

'It felt like a constant euphoric rush.'

Weddings can cause a roller coaster of emotions, especially for grooms who have to patiently wait for their brides at the altar.

On Reddit, happily married men have been revealing how they felt when their wives walked down to aisle.

From the hilarious to the downright adorable, here are just a few of the thoughts they had.

“’Keep your shit together.’ I failed, by the way - totally bawled through the vows. Tears of happiness, of course - still going strong 14 years later.”

“It felt like a constant euphoric rush and one of the few times in my life that I profoundly felt that I was doing something right. We’ll be married 20 years this summer.”

“’What in the world are she and her parents doing coming around the side instead of down the aisle?’ We got married outdoors, where maybe the lack of walls created confusion. In any case, we thought it was pretty funny afterwards.”

- rtop

“Please don’t trip.”

“I bawled my eyes out. It was embarrassing. Not nice silent little tears, full on ugly crying when I was trying to read aloud my vows. She laughed at me. I love her.”

“We both waited for marriage to have sex. I kept thinking ‘I’m getting laid tonight!’”

“’Oh my god.......she’s more beautiful in this moment than I’ve ever seen her. You’re not breathing. You’re not breathing. You still aren’t breathing. Ouch, fuck, why does my chest hurt? Holy shit, there’s a huge lump in my throat. Is that why I can’t breathe?? Oh man here she comes. Shit is getting blurry.....JUST. BREATHE!’ Gasp.

“I didn’t pass out or anything. I was literally for the first time in my life 100% breathless. It was fucking scary and amazing all at the same time.”

“She was really close to her dad and he passed away two weeks before our wedding. As she walked down the aisle I couldn’t help but think how beautiful her dad would have thought she looked and how proud of her he would be.”

“’Why did we even wait this long?’ We’d known each other for eight years before we started dating. And we’d always liked one another.”

“I was pretty upset about how much we had spent on the wedding. ( I dont believe in fancy weddings, but it was her dream so I went with it.) As soon as I saw her walking down the aisle I thought ‘I could have paid 30 times over the amount to live this moment over and over again.’”

“’Damn, I can’t believe someone this gorgeous wants to marry me!’”

“When I saw my wife coming down the aisle I was filled with euphoria and an overwhelming feeling that every fuck up I’ve had in my life was somehow okay because it all led me to this moment. I held it together until she started her vows by referencing an old inside joke from when we first met five years ago. I immediately broke down. It’s really hard to describe my feeling right then because I don’t think I’ve ever cried from pure joy before. It was incredible.”

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