These Are The 'Imperfections' In Men That Women Find Attractive

Get your coat...

If you looked at the average man on a billboard - washboard abs, chiseled jaw and eyes like swimming pools - it’s pretty clear advertisers have a one-size-fits-all idea of male perfection.

But in reality, what women want is entirely different, according to a popular Reddit thread.

From crooked noses to chubby stomachs, are a handful of so-called imperfections that prove beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Many respondents were quick to stress that their choices weren’t imperfections in their eyes, but variations on the idea of the perfect adonis-like Ken Doll we’re lead to believe is everyone’s type.

“Lisps, grey hair, scars. And not an imperfection but I adore men who blush.”

“Grubby hands. The rough, hard kind. And I wouldn’t call it an imperfection, but just if they’re big in general. I just like it when people have big features.”



“I’ve always been attracted to men who look just a bit ‘dorky’ in some way... I think there are some men who are just too attractive to take seriously. Someone else mentioned Ronaldo, and I know that a lot of ladies swoon over him but to me he just looks like a Ken doll.”

“I find myself being more attracted to my male friends who have acne scarring (even accompanied by redness) on the sides of their face and forehead... The closest thing I can compare the appeal of them to is how some people think freckles are cute or attractive. It adds some nice character to someone’s face, in my opinion.”

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