18/08/2017 12:22 BST

The Male Influencers Who Know How To Groom Impeccably

Maybe a little too much, hun? Nah.

Male grooming still hasn’t managed to entirely shake the stigma that caring about your looks doesn’t fit stereotypically masculine roles. 

The reality, however, is that it’s 2017 and male beauty is championed among men on an international scale. Just think of the sapeurs of Congo or the beloved Pitti Peacocks.

So, in honour of Men’s Grooming Day, we’ve put together a list of male influencers we think have their pampering routine down to a tee. 

And, yeah, seeing as they’re models, presenters and professional bloggers, one could argue that looking swish is in their line of work. 

But that’s no reason not to take a leaf out of their well-packaged books.

Scroll down for our line-up of the best groomed guys of Instagram.

Adam Gallagher

Leading the pack is Adam Gallagher - a tour de force in the male blogging world.

Focusing primarily on style and travel, Gallagher has never been afraid to share his grooming habits with his followers: from a glimpse into his skincare routine to a heads up about his fragrance of the moment.  

Toni Tran 

Tran is also a successful lifestyle and travel blogger.

The fact that he is often flawlessly groomed seems to be by-the-by for Tran.

The guy seriously loves his suits and the quiff is never out of place.

Manny Gutierrez

Manny MUA is a YouTube inlfuencer known for his terrifc makeup skills and sassy sense of humour.

With an Instagram bio that reads “I think boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition,” how can he not be on the list?

Aiden Brady

A post shared by Aiden Brady (@mr_aidenbrady) on

A post shared by Aiden Brady (@mr_aidenbrady) on

Brady is the epitome of suave with his full head of silver hair and impressive beard.

Yes, he is a model. But beards of this excellence are not mandatory in the modelling world.

Reggie Yates

A post shared by Reggie Yates (@regyates) on

A post shared by Reggie Yates (@regyates) on

Yates is much more of a household name in the UK, with his recent presenting credentials earning him acclaim in the media world.

It’s not surprising, however, that he scores the occasional modelling gig. 

Toni Mahfud

A post shared by TONI MAHFUD† (@tonimahfud) on

A post shared by TONI MAHFUD† (@tonimahfud) on

Toni Mahfud is one of those annoyingly impressive multi-hyphenates.

A photographer, creative director and exceptionally talented artist, Mahfud is never too busy to look smart. 

Simon Nygard

Finnish artist and model Simon Nygard gives off a slight Stones-meets-Styles vibe in his well-angled Instagram posts.

We love the sloping cut of his hair paired with a Rock n’ Roll sensibility. 

Igee Okafor

A post shared by Igee Okafor (@igeeokafor) on

A post shared by Igee Okafor (@igeeokafor) on

From his addictively stylish Instagram feed, Igee seems like quite the Manhattanite.

Brunches, parties and moments with charming friends are all great, but we’ve come to know Igee for his clean cut aesthetic and willingness to share the knowledge.