When Is International Men's Day? Comedian Richard Herring Spends International Women's Day Correcting Righteous Men

WARNING: There's some very strong language.
Richard Herring has no time for people who don't just Google it.
Richard Herring has no time for people who don't just Google it.
Brian Rasic via Getty Images

One comedian has nailed the best way to hit back at righteous men using International Women’s Day to complain their own struggles are not recognised enough.

Every year, Richard Herring uses March 8 to rebut the whinging of people who complain - wrongly - that there is no International Men’s Day.

(It’s on November 19th, but don’t worry, you’ll read that a lot.)

Hundreds of men are tweeting their frustration to hijack a day dedicated to combatting sexism against women.

Herring scouts out these people, and helpfully reminds them that International Men’s Day does exist.

He spends all day coming up with witty retorts and outting those who haven’t bothered to perform a simple Google.

And he provides some catchy rhymes too:

In fact, he’s really got it in for the Baby Men.

And of course he couldn’t miss this open goal.

The whole thing’s made him something of an icon.

You can catch-up on all his hilarious messages from last year here.



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