28/07/2017 15:13 BST

These Shirt Holders Are The Men's Equivalent Of Suspenders And We Can't Quite Believe Our Eyes

Huh? 🤔

Shirt holders for men have arrived and they look like suspenders.

NV Holders are a fashion accessory made for men who struggle to keep their shirts looking crisp, straight, and neatly tucked in. 

Since launching two Kickstarter campaigns in 2014, the Slovenia-based company created by Nik Vene has produced two versions to pick from: ‘S-holder’ and ‘T-holder’ - in black, blue and beige. 

Vene was inspired to create the design due to being “stressed out because of his shirt” and having to “constantly re-tuck it; when he stretched, kneeled or sat”.

Featuring three metal clasps and elastic, the holders can clip onto your shirt and basically keep it in place all day long. 

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Priced at £27 ($34.99) - with international shipping available - you can buy them online.  

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The brand has shared multiple videos of the holders in action on Instagram - and they kind of look sexual. 

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And social media users have had mixed reactions to the fashion accessory: