16/02/2018 11:39 GMT | Updated 16/02/2018 11:46 GMT

Met Office Forecasts A Sunny Weekend Respite From The Thundersnow

Choose your outdoor exposure wisely! 🌧🌞

It may have been chilly and grey as you scurried to work this morning, but the majority of the country will enjoy a bright and sunny day on Friday.

Highs of up to 10C are expected in London and no weather warnings are in place - a welcome break from the thundersnow the week’s earlier cold front brought some of us. 

However, spare a thought for the North West of Scotland and Northern Ireland, which is still experiencing wintry showers, falling as snow on the hills.

Overnight, rain will move South East, into the North East and parts of Wales, with a band of cloud lingering across the Midlands and Wales. Fog and frost in the South East are a possibility and temperatures will just touch into the minus figures at -2C in rural areas.

Saturday is the best day of the weekend weather-wise – which like the preceding day will be largely dry and bright with highs of up to 10C in the South East.

Showers will still be occurring in North West Scotland, though these are less likely to be falling as snow. Overnight the mercury will again touch into minus figures in the East.

Sadly, Sunday is forecast to be less of a rosy day as a band of rain moves in from the West. There will be thickening cloud from the early morning, and much of the country will experience dull and damp conditions.

Nonetheless, temperatures for London will peak at 9C, climbing to 10C in the South West.