24/04/2017 14:47 BST | Updated 24/04/2017 14:53 BST

Met Office Forecasts A Halt To UK Spring Weather As Wintry Conditions Move In

It is going to feel much, much colder.

Sleet, snow and hail are all on the menu this week as an artic maritime airmass spreads southwards across the whole country.

By Tuesday, the dry warmth of Spring will be but a distant memory as chilly days, frosty nights and snow take centre stage.

So far the first half of April has seen the UK mean temperature 1.1C above the long-term average.

Dmitri Kotchetov / EyeEm via Getty Images
This week will have you reaching for your woollies... 

Over the weekend an area of low pressure passed over northern Scotland, bringing a spell of wet and windy weather. As this area of low pressure pulls away into the North Sea a push of cold arctic air will follow, leading to a marked change of weather for all parts with frosts becoming much more widespread overnight.

Andy Page, Chief Meteorologist said: “It will certainly feel colder in the wake of the cold front moving south across the UK today, with many northern areas seeing wintry showers even to low levels.”

Yellow weather warnings are in place for Scotland and parts of north east England. In the north, showers will bring a mix of sleet, snow and hail, which could be seen even at low levels at times.

Some accumulation of snow is likely, particularly at night and at higher elevations. In the south some wintry showers, especially hail, are expected, although lying snow looks unlikely. The cold feel across the UK will be accentuated by a cold northerly wind.