25/08/2017 12:19 BST

Kim Briggs' Life Could Have Been Saved If Charlie Alliston's Bike Had A Front Brake, Video Shows

The mum-of-two suffered 'non-survivable brain injuries' in the crash.

Police have released footage showing how a mum-of-two’s life could have been saved if the cyclist who ploughed into her had a front brake on his bike. 

Following a landmark trial, Charlie Alliston, 20, was found guilty of wanton and furious driving at the Old Bailey on Wednesday over the death of 44-year-old Kim Briggs in 2016. 

Alliston was aged 18 when he knocked down HR manager Briggs in Old Street, east London, on February 12 last year while riding an Olympics-style track bike that had no front brakes.

Met Police
Mum-of-two Kim Briggs was killed when a cyclist ploughed into her 

Briggs was trying to cross the road on her lunch break when she collided with Alliston, who was said to be travelling at about 14mph on his Planet X rear pedal bike.  

Briggs suffered “non-survivable brain injuries” and died in hospital a week later.

The case was thought to be the first time a cyclist had been put on trial for the manslaughter of a pedestrian in England, which Alliston was cleared of. 

Now, the Met Police have released a video showing how Briggs’ death could have been avoided if Alliston’s bike had been equipped with front brakes. 

Tests by the force show that while a road bike with front brakes only took three metres to come to a halt, a track bike under the same conditions took 19. 

PA Wire/PA Images
Charlie Alliston was found guilty of wanton and furious driving following a ground-breaking case 

In a statement released yesterday, Met detective inspector Julie Trodden said the lack of front brake on Alliston’s bike led to his “inability to stop and avoid the collision resulting in the tragic death of Kim Briggs”.

“This investigation has highlighted the necessity for all cyclists to have the required brakes on their bikes, whether they be a fixed wheel or free wheeling hub cycle,” she said.

“It should act as a reminder to all road users that they have a responsibility to look out for each other and to travel safely at all times.” 

Alliston is set to be sentenced next month. 

Briggs’ widower Matthew is now pushing for new laws to tackle “irresponsible and reckless” riders so other families are spared having to endure the “absolutely dreadful” situation his family had.