Everyone Is Remembering When Gove Vowed There Would Be No Food Shortages After Brexit

He even gives a very definite nod to convey his point in the 2019 interview.
Michael Gove promised to Andrew Marr that there wouldn't be food shortages after Brexit
Michael Gove promised to Andrew Marr that there wouldn't be food shortages after Brexit

A resurfaced clip of Michael Gove promising there would be no fresh food shortages post-Brexit is making the rounds again on Twitter.

As supermarkets Tesco, Aldi, Morrisons and Asda have announced they are limiting customers to buying just three pieces of each item of fruit or vegetables.

Experts now believe shortages of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and more might now last until May, while cabinet minister Therese Coffey has urged the public to eat turnips instead.

Supermarkets have pointed out that it is primarily due to the knock-on effects of poor weather in southern Spain and north Africa, where a lot of this produce is grown, but others think Brexit has exacerbated the whole issue.

After all, consumers in Spain and Morocco have posted viral clips on social media showing that these weather conditions are not affecting their own supermarkets.

So some have concluded that the bureaucratic costs associated with exporting products to the UK post-Brexit also mean the UK is at the bottom of the list when it comes to accessing high-demand food.

It’s no surprise that an old clip from Gove, a prominent Brexiteer who has been in the government for the best part of 13 years – and is currently levelling up secretary – has now been making the rounds.

It dates back to September 2019, when he was chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster under Boris Johnson (having just been environment, food and rural affairs secretary under Theresa May).

As part of an interview for his Sunday show, then BBC presenter Andrew Marr asked Gove: “Are you absolutely sure that there will be no fresh food shortages in the UK as a result of no deal?”

“Everyone will have the food you need,” the minister replied confidently.

Marr cut in: ″That’s not the answer I was... I’m saying, ‘Will there be shortages?’ and you’re saying, ‘There will be’.”

Gove said: “There will be no shortages of fresh food.”

However, not everyone agrees that Brexit is the reason for these shortages.

High energy prices have prevented domestic growers and those in the Netherlands from using greenhouses.

Others have pointed to the EU member Ireland’s struggles as it also faces shortages.


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