Michael Gove Hints He May Quit Government If UK Votes To 'Remain' At EU Referendum

'I will reflect and I will decide'
Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Michael Gove has suggested he may quit as justice secretary after the EU referendum result on Friday.

The leading Brexit campaigner said this morning he would do "exactly as the prime minister asks" following the vote.

Asked whether he would quit the government if the country chose to 'Remain', Gove said:

"I want people to concentrate not on my job but on their jobs. Of course, depending on what the result is on Friday I will reflect and I will decide what is the best course for me."

The justice secretary said he wanted people to cast their votes not on the "fate of individual politicians" but on the issues.

He also rejected the suggestion he could end up as prime minister if David Cameron has to quit following a Brexit vote.

"The premise of your question that I’m going to be running anything other than the ministry of justice on Friday is wrong," he said.

Despite deciding to oppose his close friend David Cameron on EU membership, it has been widely assumed Gove would retain a senior job in any post-referendum reshuffle as the prime minister.


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