Michael Gove Sacked From Cabinet Tweet Provokes Hilarious Responses

Your twitter career has been like a career implosion live blog.

Michael Gove has been fired as justice secretary.

It's been an enormous privilege to serve for the last six years. Best of luck to the new government - MG

β€” Michael Gove (@michaelgove) July 14, 2016

As is customary on such occasions, people donned their comedy hats and set about coming up with the most hilarious responses possible to his tweet acknowledging the news.

Quite a few referenced his recent back-stabbing of Boris Johnson.

Seems like Theresa May got her knife out, eh? pic.twitter.com/KCtg1e6Bhs

β€” JammyDodger (@mrjammyjamjar3) July 14, 2016

@michaelgove @GuidoFawkes RETIREMENT GIFT FOR MR GOVE pic.twitter.com/YdwETkP3mt

β€” Cake FinderGeneral (@STEWIEHPEE) July 14, 2016

@michaelgove next time read all of MacBeth

β€” Oisin (@OisinDubai) July 14, 2016

Restraint and subtlety weren’t the order of the day.

@michaelgove hahahahahaha @BorisJohnson played you like a cheap fiddle, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagagahahahahagahagagagdgahxag

β€” James Bell (@jimmybell84) July 14, 2016


β€” Bill Sich (@bill_sich) July 14, 2016

Some people tried to keep it classy. And failed.

Bye bye @michaelgove pic.twitter.com/3HnrLEUj2Z

β€” Chris Huntley (@chuntley1) July 14, 2016

One chap was even so kind as to provide a soundtrack.

And of course this gif surfaced.


@michaelgove your feet smell like sandwiches.

β€” Settle Petal (@Different_Name_) July 14, 2016

Ah, the reminiscing...

@michaelgove Hey, remember when you received a vote of no confidence in your role as Education Secretary? Good times... Now do one!

β€” MIB (@MibIH) July 14, 2016

But at least Gove has kept his dignity since joining Twitter last month.

@michaelgove Your twitter career has been like a career implosion live blog.

β€” James Goldstone (@jamesgoldstone) July 14, 2016


β€” gove2016 (@gove2016) July 14, 2016

At least some people were worried about his future.

@michaelgove @stephfinnon what goes round appears to have come round rather quickly. Why don't you & George form a comedy double act?

β€” stevekerry (@stevekerry61) July 14, 2016

@michaelgove you can now write for the Dailymail? Husband and wife column?

β€” Mr KD (@Percy_boy) July 14, 2016

And another at least appeared to be trying to make him feel better. Sort of.

@michaelgove if it's any consolation, I don't know a single person who thinks you have any morals, you yardstick for ignorant twatishness. 🏁

β€” NyeSpy Photography (@NyeSpy) July 14, 2016

We’re just putting this one in for the added colour.

And always look on the bright side.

@michaelgove at least you now have more time to play Pokemon go :)

β€” Henry Fawcett (@fawcett_henry) July 14, 2016

In summary...

@michaelgove the privilege has been 100% yours

β€” Mike Hind (@MikeH_PR) July 14, 2016

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